Effortless migration
to the public cloud

Whether you’re starting new development or migrating from on-prem to the cloud, Berlioz would also assist with security, governance & compliance needs!

Deliver in minutes! Not months.

With Berlioz you can enjoy cloud-agnostic environment. Say no to
vendor lock-in. And the best part is, no cloud expertise is required!

Support following compute providers

Coding. Production. Done

Take your software to live production and deploy it on the public cloud faster by combining all steps into a single tool.

More work done. Fewer hours worked

Berlioz improves your team's workflow and saves you 1-2 daily hours per developer with its common toolset. You do the math!

Test sooner. Outperform competitors

Gain an edge over your competitors by releasing your products sooner and testing the market before they do.

Next-level collaboration

Allow your development teams to better collaborate with each other by having common build and deployment tools.

Great products. Every time

Eliminate human errors and deliver consistent quality to your clients with our automated deployment process.

Software development. Made simple

Streamline your entire development pipeline by eliminating complex processes and custom automation scripts.

Test environments. In a snap

Berlioz makes software testing and experimenting easier by allowing you to quickly set up multiple independent fully functional test environments.

How Berlioz Works

Berlioz configures the cloud infrastructure and deploys your services - using just one command. Letting you fully focus on business problems!
We support GCP and AWS cloud providers. Also, for accelerated development you can run the application locally on the workstation.
# 1. Install Berlioz
$ npm install berlioz -g
# 2. Download samples
$ git clone https://github.com/berlioz-the/samples
$ cd samples/01.HelloWorld.js/v1.basic
# 3. Deploy
$ berlioz local build-run
# Sample is up and running at http://localhost:3000 !

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